Thursday, December 11, 2014

Getting there

This morning, while I was getting ready for work, I was thinking through what's coming up for us. Bethany has a slumber party tonight, it's Andrew's birthday tomorrow, Joss has friends to sleep over on Thursday and Saturday, Phil, Kristin and the kids are coming the weekend before Christmas. Then it struck me. If tomorrow is Andrew's birthday, then Christmas is next week, which makes the weekend before Christmas THIS weekend! I'm awfully glad I realised that today and not when they arrive on Saturday.

Such odd weather we have been having, hot and sunny then blowing a gale, thunder and lightning. 

This time next week , we'll be watching the carols on Christmas Eve and I will be on holiday. There's an awful lot to do before then, though, so must keep going.

Did anyone watch Death Comes to Pemberley? On the whole, I don't much fancy the classics being messed with. I did, many years ago, read Pride and Promiscuity : The Lost Sex Scenes from Jane Austen, which was very funny, and I quite enjoyed Longbourne. I won't touch anything that messes with Jane Eyre (hang on, I have read Wide Sargasso Sea, but nothing else) and knew about Death Comes to Pemberley, but was not compelled to read it. I didn't think to watch it, either, until I realised it was probably cosy crime, which I enjoy watching. 

I'm not sure Elizabeth and Darcy were quite right (I might have had trouble with Elizabeth having Esther Summerson's face - watch and read Bleak House if you haven't), but other characters were spot on and it was a good story.

I think Milo is very comfortable inside.

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  1. Phew, another amazing agenda for you - gret shots of the storm clouds - good enough for the TV weather shots!