Friday, December 5, 2014

Drama and politics

In the middle of the year, Bethany had an evening of theatre games for speech and drama. Last night, as the end of year celebration, they had a movie night, showing the movies they had made in their lessons. Bethany's was called Snow White and the Seven Used Car Salesmen, and she played Snow White.

It was often hard to hear the dialogue, and the technology caused a number of problems through the evening, but Bethany and her friends had fun and I had a book for the long pauses between movies.

Today was a day of action for NSW Public libraries. We are trying to get the state government to increase their funding, as they have been decreasing it steadily so that we are the state with the poorest funding. At Wagga City Library lots of media came to hear my boss speak about it and the mayor read a story, then there was much cake.

Yay for the weekend! Now to get through the rest of presentation night. Yes, I am blogging during the event. At least I'm not reading a book or texting my friend sitting in my row like two people I know!

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  1. Good luck getting the extra money - I can see it goes to a good cause!