Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Oh dear, I forgot to take any photos on Christmas Day. We had a quiet day, we didn't even make it to church as it started too early and was going to be packed. We had a lovely morning of presents, French toast and bacon and relaxing.

We none of us like traditional Christmas foods. Turkey and ham hold little appeal, prawns even less, so we went for a family favourite, too expensive for every day, lamb cutlets. I made a massive pavlova for dessert, which, given that I don't eat sugar, I thought we would never get through, but the other four enthusiastic dessert eaters managed it over a couple of days.

On Boxing Day we put Joss on the bus for PY summer camp and will pick her up on Thursday evening. By all accounts she is having a wonderful time.

Yesterday, Mim, Bill and the gorgeous Charlie stopped in for lunch on their way back from Christmas in Corowa. The McMillans came too and Andrew's parents also arrived in time for lunch. Everyone left except for Sue and Ron who are here until Saturday.

Like Andrew, Toby has all the present receiving occasions over a short period of the year. It can be hard to think of something to get him for his birthday so soon after Christmas, but this year he said that all he wanted was a ping pong table. The post-Christmas sales are a great time to buy big ticket items like this, so it's happy early birthday to Toby! If any other family members wish to contribute, feel free.....

That high pitched thwack is going to become the new soundtrack to my life. 

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  1. Quiet Chrissy here too, but good fun with the Goldsmiths and Goldfinches after. Lovely New Year, now on with the consequences of the recent rain ... mowing ... mowing ... and slashing!!!!!