Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Last week I was in Sydney for three days at the SWITCH conference. Public Libraries NSW have a conference every year, one in a regional area, and one in Sydney. It is for librarians and councillors, and we took the two Wagga Wagga City Council's councillors who are assigned to the library. It was Kevin's first library conference and he got into the spirit with book t-shirts.

At breakfast on day two, I remarked that he had a bit of a dystopian theme going on and asked if he had any happy book t-shirts. The answer was no! I had a little bet that the third t-shirt would be Fahrenheit 451. I was wrong, it was One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

There were lots of great speakers giving us plenty to think about. Did you know that ebook sales are declining? But, you don't want to hear about that, you just want to know the fun stuff. We stayed in the Novotel Central Sydney and I had a very exciting moment when David Stratton came out of the lift and walked across the lobby and out the front door! I was hoping Margaret Pomeranz would come out next, but no luck on that front. Margaret reminds me of my Mum, I'm not sure why.

A king sized bed, I could have slept at any angle.
Honeycomb tiles! 
You could see the Blue Mountains when it was fine.
The conference dinner was in the Imax building at Darling Harbour. I took this silly photo to send to Andrew before I left. I'll bet he really wished he was coming too.

It was a lovely venue and lots of fun. Librarians are more fun than you might imagine!

There was a photo booth and Claire, Chrissie and I took many silly photos in there and then, I danced and danced. It was rather hard to go back to regular work..........


  1. I totally have that Brave New World tee :)

    1. It is an awesome shirt! I thought of you as I posted photos of my hotel room - yours sounded awful! Perhaps you should become a librarian ;)