Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Getting closer

Andrew and I are on holidays from next Friday afternoon. Life has been so busy that it feels like we are limping to the finish line and the week and a half that we have to go, seems so long. Usually there is some time in the weekend to relax, but not this past weekend - housework, helping friends who are moving, driving the children around and packing. Nan and Grandad arrived on Saturday afternoon, on their way back from Adelaide and they stayed until Monday morning. We won't see them on Christmas Day so it was nice to share the tree with them.

Bethany, never lacking in Christmas spirit, or any spirit really, chose not one, but two crazy Christmas hats.

On Saturday evening, having prepared dinner and dessert for the family, I went to my work Christmas party. I did not get the memo about dressing up.

Can you believe that they bought these dresses at the Reject Shop for $15?
On Monday morning I dropped Joss at school at 6.30 as she was leaving for three days in Wollongong, learning how to surf. She got home this evening and reports that she managed to get up on her board and is, in fact, pretty good at surfing! They also went bowling, shopping and to Jambaroo, so, not a bad last three days of Year 8.

Joss was also lucky enough to miss out on two school presentation nights. That's right, we spent both Monday and Tuesday night at school. I like seeing the kids get awards (Toby got one for academic excellence in all key learning areas and Bethany got one for consistent effort in all key learning areas and achievement in spelling and handwriting), not just my own children, but all of them. I find it hard, however, not to resent the principal and board director's speeches. This year, I brought my book out and read it (Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - awesome book). I'm sure that makes me a poor parent, but I just wasn't in the mood!

Today, however, is unreservedly celebratory. All three children are now on holidays for a looong time. Toby had his last day of primary school, and his last day at the Christian College. He had a lovely day and will have opportunities over the break to see his friends.

I wish my holidays were here. Deep breath and keep going, only a week and a half to go!


  1. I think reading through presentation night is a fabulous idea. I kept ducking outside to get some fresh air during ours. :)

  2. I feel like not only is Santa coming but that we'll all be together for Christmas and a good break. You need a break, so enjoy it.