Monday, December 2, 2013

Little visitor

I have been working full time for almost a year. It's only one more day than I was working before, but it has made a difference. On the whole, I am managing, but one thing that has suffered, that I am not very good at, is keeping up with friends and family who aren't in Wagga. My friend Mim, once a regular in our house, had a baby boy three months ago, and I have not been to Molong to see them. Shame on me.

Thankfully, they were on their way to stay with Mim's parents last week, and broke their journey at our house! Oh the delight!

Little Charlie is the sweetest, happiest baby. He didn't cry once, not even a whimper. Mim and Bill are clearly smitten and so were all of us. We're looking forward to going to visit them and having a proper catch up!

All the good photos will be on Andrew's camera, these are better than nothing!


  1. A little Mimette! How happy is he? If you're talking to them please send our best wishes and congrats etc. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Ann & Roger! Charlie is a lovely baby and we feel very blessed to have him. And he is very much like his mother in looks, though hopefully he will grow taller than me! Hope you are both well xo

  2. We so enjoyed our catch up with's been WAY too long. Yes, were are most definitely smitten, even at 3:00am :-)