Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fit it in Friday

Friday is my long day at work, I start at eight and finish at five. Term time Friday evenings are always busy as I get three children to different youth group events, but the end of year added further complications this week. I could have had six things to go to! Thankfully, Joss went to a friend's taking out two possibilities, Toby was tired and just wanted to stay home so Bethany, Andrew and I headed out.

I dropped Bethany at the Botanic Gardens for her Kids' Club end of year celebration and I went to the Best Street Studios, where Bethany used to have her art lessons, for the opening of the Christmas Show. Kath, the lovely artist who owns the studios, approached me and Megan at the CMRI markets and asked if we would like to have our things in her show.

We drank sparkling wine, ate hors d'oeuvres and wandered the beautiful garden filled with art and people. I could have bought so much!

The blue chook looks so pleased with herself about those eggs!
Andrew was playing with the Groove Factorie for Twilight at the Lagoon, a series of free concerts over summer. They started at seven, Bethany's party didn't finish until half an hour after that, but I was keen to see some of it, so I raced over to pick Bethany up a bit early. Unfortunately, she was on the little train and it kept going around the track! We could hear screaming when the trains were out of sight and I suspected that Bethany was behind that. When she finally got off at the little station, she complained of a sore throat. I told her that the only way to keep from losing your voice was to rest it - an impossibility for this girl!

As we got out of the car, (may I say, again, how much I love the country? Try fitting all of this in and getting good parks at all locations, in the city!) we heard a keyboard solo on one of my favourite songs and we knew it was our friend Lachlan, playing with the band for the first time. We wondered if the trumpet came before or after the keys, then, just as we came over the hill and could see the trumpet gleaming in the sun, Andrew had the most awesome solo.

Friends beckoned us over to where they were sitting, front and centre. Bethany ran into her kindy buddy from school so I sat with my friends and danced in my seat, which wasn't really a seat, it was a big step in the amphitheatre.

Such fun indeed, which bolsters me for a day of cleaning, shopping (just groceries), washing and cooking. Best get cracking.....

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