Friday, November 1, 2013

Lost and Found

I tend to consider the job of taking Joss and Tobes to cycling as man stuff. The cyclists need to be pushed off, a job for the fathers, mostly, and one Joss and Tobes really don't want to leave to me. I am also at sea when it comes to knowing if tyres need pumping or other technical matters. Sometimes, however, the kids and I just need to suck it up because Andrew isn't available and I have to load the bikes onto a rack and take them to the velodrome.

Of course, I really enjoy watching them race, I'm just not very good at the other stuff. On Monday afternoon Andrew was going to be late so I started loading up the bike rack and got a surprise when I discovered Joss' track bike had no pedals. Joss has one pair of the type of pedals that cleats click into and Andrew puts them on her road bike on the weekends. I had a quick try at getting the pedals off, but  I wasn't confident so I put Joss' road bike on the rack as well, thinking that someone would help me when we got there. We arrived at cycling and on closer inspection, I realised that I could manage to get the pedals off but got a very nasty shock when I found that the bike only had one wheel!

Andrew came to take over cycling parent duties and Bethany and I hit the road to look for the wheel. We got all the way home and then back to cycling again with no sign of it. We we heading home again when I looked into some bushes at the side of a roundabout and there it was! We were pretty impressed with our rescue mission on the Olympic Highway.

It was complicated by the fact that you can't park on the highway and the side street seemed to say No Parking as well. I say 'seemed' because I find this sign confusing. Is it saying that vehicles under 4.6 tonnes are accepted? Accepted to park, or excepted from the No Parking sign?

On Tuesday I had the first of many trips to Sydney this month. I went for a fabulous seminar on the future of libraries. Claire and I went looking for somewhere to eat lunch and chose Azuma in Chifley Plaza as we used to go to another Azuma restaurant, no longer there, while we were at library conferences. It was so very delicious and we didn't need dinner. Yes, that is a justification for having gone to a fancy restaurant instead of the food hall.

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  1. John Cleese would have been proud of you! maybe Andrew will ALWAYS be available now!