Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mixed bag

Last week was a bit of a mixed bag. After a lovely Bible study dinner, Bethany came out around 11pm, feeing unwell. It got very nasty from there and resulted in little to no sleep for Bethany or me. I did discover that our carpet is very comfy, as far as carpet goes. I stayed home with her on Wednesday and, because I had to go to Sydney on Thursday, Andrew worked from home then. Bethany went back to school on Friday, perfectly recovered.

Toby went to a cosplay and movie party on Friday night. He went as Jake from Adventure Time.

I had no idea who that was, but when Andrew and Bethany went to the Wagga Show, they bought Toby a Jake show bag, so he had a beanie, backpack, watch and socks. Joss' old netball shirt is just that shade of yellow, too. I must be really old, because I couldn't work out who any of the kids were dressed as.

On Saturday morning we all went down to the Farmers' Market for bacon and egg rolls. We ran into lots of people, saw a quirky street march with the army band, a roller derby team (!?), jazz clubs from other towns and corseted ladies. Security was pretty lax, in front of one of the jazz clubs, we saw Steve and  Jane's son, Archie, marching by himself. Good on him for joining in the fun!

Bethany left the markets with a friend, Andrew played in the band for the matinee of Oliver, and Joss and Toby were in the audience. Bethany and I are going to see it on Wednesday night, can't wait. Joss and Toby still weren't home by the time I had to leave for the annual school bush dance. Last year's was so dramatic with the collapse of a school mum. It was scary at the time, the ambulance took ages to come, and she was in hospital for weeks. It rather took the shine off the event for me, and I wasn't really looking forward to going again.

The year three children were all required, however, to play violin with the band. That's how they get you!
Concentrating hard
There were plenty of people there, and I sat with friends and had a 'steak' sandwich, so it wasn't too bad. Bethany wasn't all that keen on the dancing and I am more of a free style, solo, embarrassing type of dancer. I find the sort of dancing that you have to explain for twenty minutes before you start, a bit frustrating. So, Bethany and I did a wee jig by ourselves and headed home.

The bow. 
Sunday was a sleep in before church, friends over and friends' houses after church, and more Oliver for Andrew. The weekend had that great balance between getting things done around the house and having fun. Before we know it, the weekend will be here again.........


  1. You're such an inspiring mum Amy! Glad Bethany made a full recovery. I really like the Adventure Time characters, I nearly bought my teenage brother a whole bunch of merchandise for his birthday but hadn't seen the cartoon. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Wow, hardly caught breath reading that. Glad Bethy is bettter and life seems to have returned to normal - not that normal is peace and quiet!