Wednesday, November 6, 2013

In the car

I haven't always looked forward to long drives. Having children who aren't brilliant travellers has certainly contributed to that and I have discovered the joy of a long car drive, or two, all by myself. On Saturday morning, at 6, I hopped into the car I packed the night before and started driving. My cousin Michael and his fiance Sanam were having a Sydney celebration before their Dubai wedding in December. I went to get Burial Rites out of its case, but found that I hadn't unlocked it when I borrowed it - silly! So, I put Anita Brookner's A Family Romance in, one of eight discs, and headed off.

It was only 7.30 by the time I got to the Jugiong turnoff, so I didn't go to The Long Track Pantry, assuming it would not yet be open. I stopped at Goulburn for a coffee and just bought it and kept going. You can make such good time when you are alone!

It had been four degrees when I left Wagga, but by the time I got to Pheasant's Nest, I could feel and hear summer. The cicadas were loud enough to hear while driving and the heat radiated off the windows. It was most disconcerting as we have not had hot weather in Wagga. The air was hazy once I reached the outskirts of Sydney and that, along with the traffic was quite oppressive. The cicadas became menacing as I realised what it would have been like during the recent fires.

I tuned the book off to concentrate as I drove through the Sydney traffic, and again from the motorway down to Kincumber - I really appreciate living in the country when I have to do urban driving. The tension melted away when I pulled up at Tim and Shona's house, before lunch!

Missing Phil, ready for the wedding.
Dad drove us down to Mosman and we had a lovely time at the yacht club, drinking champagne and catching up with family and friends. Then, a surprise, Tim called us onto the sand for a real wedding!

Those of us in heels removed them, even the lovely bride.
Tim did such a wonderful job. A few tears were shed and a great time was had by all. I was most impressed because the wedding cake was a stack of delicious cheeses! Yay, no sugar!

On Sunday morning Tim went off to the first two of his three services, and the rest of us went down to Avoca for breakfast.

This breakfast fueled me for the long drive, and I finally got my coffee at The Long Track Pantry. Andrew and the kids had done shopping and washing so I had very little to do to prepare for the week ahead. The weekend away was completely worth it.


  1. Great blog Amy, nice encapsulisation of your trip, the "wedding" and brekky. great to see you but sorry we missed your bunch. Roll on Christmas.

  2. The best driving blog post I've ever read :) And brave of you to do the Sydney trip alone. It's a goal of mine, I've done Deni and back in one day but for some reason, the idea of driving into Sydney and all of the lane changes as you come into town freaks me out. I love Long Track! I was the saddest when I pulled in one Tuesday morning to find them closed.