Monday, April 8, 2013


Sorry if you have already seen this on Facebook. I don't mean to brag (much) and I am certainly not planning to be one of those annoying fit people who rub their fitness in others' faces, but I am just so surprised that I managed to do it! In nine weeks I went from running for twenty seconds before wanting to collapse, to running for half an hour solid, around five kilometres, with little trouble. I'm not at the stage of loving every minute, but for most of it, I feel pretty good. Jane and I finished at the same time and did our final run together, around Lake Albert on Saturday morning. We celebrated with coffee at the Blessed Bean. I can see us doing that again!

People have been asking me what I'll do, now that I have finished the app. I have told a few that I'll just stop, having learnt how to run, I can just tick that off and move on, but I'm only joking. This morning I got up and just repeated the final run, letting Lucy tell me when to start running, when ten and then twenty minutes had passed and when to slow to a walk. I think I'll just keep going with forty minutes of exercise, three or four times a week (plus dog walking).

I love it when the sun shines through the clouds like it did in front of our new house the other day. I wonder how long that tree will stay before someone cuts it down and builds something there.

I brought some boxes home today. I'm definitely running out of excuses and really must start packing!

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  1. Well done, keep it up it is so much easier to maintain things than to start over again. I'm sure there'll be some nice runs in Estella that will inspire you. Packing should be much easier as you did the big one from the old house. Help is on the way - well almost!