Sunday, April 21, 2013

All quiet

We had a lovely week with Mum and Dad and then just Mum. As they were driving down, I was at the Muddi Markets, regretting having worn tights. I think it was 28 degrees and we were all talking about the endless Indian summer. I texted Mum and she said she hoped it cooled down because she had packed warm things. Well, it did. Summer said good bye and winter is here. Doonas all round.

Joss left on Monday morning for a week at the beach with a friend and Toby and Bethany spent their days with Mum and Dad, though Dad only stayed until Wednesday. They went to the movies, out for coffee, to the shops and bowling. We spent our evenings, and spare afternoons, looking through our house, working out the landscaping and window coverings and finally starting to fill boxes.

The flooring goes down this week and will be finished on the following Monday. We have a moving date - we'll sleep in our new house for the first time on the 2nd of May. So, it is action stations here. Full time work, all the final details for the house, removalists, packing and sorting out the end of our lease. We have taken next week off and while I am tempted to wish the next two weeks away, I think I am looking forward to it all as part of this big adventure and the making of our home.

It was a relief, though, to spend one lunch time at book club. We had read The Help (we all enjoyed it) and Kristy made Minny's chocolate pie, minus the secret ingredient (or so she said).


  1. Kristy wouldn't have it in her to add the secret ingredient!

  2. Loved spending time with you all....

    That pie looks amazing!

    Hope the move isn't too stressing! It will be worth it when you get to your lovely new house!

  3. Good to catch up with you all, everyone is growing up so fast! All the best for the move.
    Love Dad