Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Junior Tour

People came from all over the country for the Junior Tour which went for 2 days with over 200 entrants. The age groups are from the under 9s to the under 17s, with a race and criterium on day 1 and a race and time trial on day 2. The reason there were so many was that we will be holding the nationals here towards the end of the year and everyone wanted to check out the course.

It's a bit of a cruel sport in some ways as you spend 2 years in one age group therefore competing with either older kids or younger kids depending on where you sit. Toby is in the younger year this year so had his work cut out for him, but he was reasonably happy with sitting about centre field - most of the kids ahead of him will be in the under 15s next year so he can wave them goodbye at the end of the season.

It was a long couple of days, but beautiful weather and great fun - the coaches and parents are so encouraging of each others kids and there is such a sense of pride amongst the club which is fun to be part of. I spent a lot of time being a handler (see final photo) and therefore saw a lot of very impressive gear and got to meet some of the nations best juniors. The Wagga club did reasonably well - Tobes is getting used to these competitions now and was biting at the bit to get training this afternoon.... pity it was raining.

Completing the race on day one - 14kms at well over 30kms/hr

Waiting, waiting...

Off and riding

Working with a Canberra rider

208 riders between me and one other guy - thankfully Emily is light!


  1. Nice post Andrew! Well done to Toby too....

  2. Great experience, 12 months to plan next years win!