Monday, April 22, 2013

List of the day

Joss was in charge today as the kids stayed home together. Once, when she was looking after them, Joss wrote a list of things Toby and Bethany were to do and they ticked them off. I suppose Toby enjoyed it because he wrote his own this morning. The addition in green came after a phone call from me. Not a fruit eater, our Toby.

After work this afternoon I packed a few boxes (still going on the books - heavy and dusty work), made cinnamon scrolls (substituting dextose for the sugar) for a Kids' Church meeting tonight and put Nigella's greek lamb chops and potato in the oven. I pulled the lamb chops out of the fridge and suddenly remembered that I have packed all my cookbooks! The Internet to the rescue! I found this copy of the desired recipe and after putting the chops in the oven, set about reading more of the blog. It turns out that one day, unable to be bothered walking into the next room to get the recipe book, the author googled this very recipe on her iPad and found her own blog. Recipes on blogs save lives  people from walking and unpacking boxes.

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