Sunday, January 13, 2013

Home again

Last Saturday we drove away from the stifling heat, over the parched mountains, down towards the coast in search of cool breezes and family fun. The Bermagui  house we rented last year wasn't available so we tried a new house and were greeted with this view and wind so strong and cool that even my hair was ruffled.

Andrew has proper photos on his camera, so more will follow, but I will say now that the kids had a great time in the ocean, whether they were in their swimmers or not.

We played lots of games of Apples to Apples, Rummikub, Happy Families and Cluedo. I read lots of books.

We weren't sure which way to drive home as there had been bushfires in both directions. We chose to go over the mountains from Bateman's Bay, a new way for us, and did see where the fires had been. They had come right up to and over the highway and there was a big sign thanking the firefighters who had saved people's homes.

We were so keen to see our own home that we drove straight there, despite more than six hours of driving. Everyone says that builders don't do much in January so I kept my expectations low and was surprised with bricks!

They haven't quite finished the bricks but they also managed air-conditioning and the front door.

The Australian summer may bring the risk of everything, skin, bush, sausages, burning to a crisp, but it must be said that it is excellent for washing. All of our bed linen, bath towels and beach gear was washed and dried overnight. Now I just need to do our clothes and get ready for Toby's birthday, the arrival of grandparents and the first day of my new job. It's fortunate that I have had three weeks off, tomorrow is going to be a big day.

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