Tuesday, January 1, 2013


We're not big on New Year's Eve parties or resolutions. Instead I'll take a look back at the year just finished.

In January we went to Bermagui for the first time and loved it so much we're making it a new family tradition.

Joss started high school, at a brand new school, and Toby went into middle school.

In February our house was on the market and right at the end of the month, we prepared for a deluge. The library workroom is on the lower ground floor so we put all of our bottom drawers up on our desks. We found out afterwards that there would have been two meters of water down there so that, and the moving of the bottom two shelves of books (that's a lot of books) would have been pointless!

The water came and the CBD was evacuated. We watched it from our suburb, high on the hill, and gave shelter to Stephen, a poor evacuee.

In March, Joss had her hair cut.

Mum and Dad came to visit before they went on their three month trip of a lifetime.

In April we went to Katoomba for Easter Convention, one of our favourite times of year.

We met our newest cousin, Eli, on the way home.

Our house was sold and we had to move!

In May, I turned forty and Bethany played soccer for the first time.

Our rental property was so pretty in Autumn.

Bethany drew in my notebook in June.

I did some uni marking,

....and Andrew was in a fabulous show at the Civic Theatre, raising money for Wagga's first feature film, Backyard Ashes.

In July, Nan and Grandad came to visit.

Bethany turned 8.

We went to Melbourne to visit the family and had Joss' birthday there.

We saw the Ks on the way home, remembering how good it was to have them just around the corner.

In August we said goodbye to Maame, so sad.

Bethany went on stage during a school assembly.

Andrew Daddo came to the library as a visiting author and I felt the need to have my photo taken with him. It's a 1980s thing.

Bethany went to her Book Week parade as Emily Eyefinger.

In September, Joss got braces.

Toby had an awesome eisteddfod......

..was enjoying track cycling....

...and was voted class captain.

In October, we went to Monica's wedding and Mum and Dad came to stay.

I left with Mum and Dad and they took me to Kincumber to visit these people!

I had such a wonderful time.

In November I flew to Sydney for Janice's birthday party. Three school friends who turned forty this year.

The slab was laid for our new house.

In December, we said goodbye to the Halbisches.

Everyone finished a great year at school.

The house looked like this at the end of the year.

We are very thankful for God's many blessings over the year and are looking forward to what 2013 will bring!


  1. Best ever year in review! Happy new year Amy x

  2. Gosh Amy, don't think you could have fitted much more in. Love Dad