Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Toby!

 Nothing says Happy Birthday like a grainy iPhone photo. Toby had a great day. Andrew was clever enough to take leave until tomorrow and Sue and Ron (Andrew's parents) drove down for the week, arriving before lunch after getting up at 3.30am!

Toby celebrated with his first cycling event of the year and his chosen meal was tortellini carbonara and chocolate cake.

I spent the day at my new place of work. After three weeks off I kind of feel like I have done my new job now and can go back to holidays, but there are four more work days in this week! I love my new office and colleagues and think we'll get to do good things. Tomorrow, I head back to the library at lunch time for book club. We read The Light Between the Oceans, and because I haven't been at the library, I haven't discussed it already, like I usually have. Book clubs are the best, I highly recommend everyone join one!

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  1. Great to talk to Toby, he sounded so much "older" and confident.