Monday, February 20, 2012

Camp Orange

So, my plan, beautiful in its simplicity, was to post a photo of something that happened during each day. Such a simple, easy little plan that the only thing easier was to post nothing at all. You know which option I took. Settling back in to school hasn't been that difficult. The fact that Jossie can walk or ride to school in very little time and that she has started making her own lunch, has made things pretty easy. Still, we have been busy. I have been to Sydney for work twice, we have had school information evenings, a market I had to make cards for and all the normal things at the beginning of school.

Some photos I had meant to share as little insights into our days.....

This is Simon and Jeannie in the workroom at the library, talking to Kristy. I liked the way that all  could see from my desk was belly. Not long to wait now to see who's in there!

This is the old hall at the Wagga Showgrounds where the Muddi Markets are held. We set up on Saturday afternoon for a busy Sunday market.

I took this photo of Bethany this morning. It amuses me because it is not even remotely cold.

Another thing we have had to occupy our time is Jossie and her friend Hannah's wish to audition for Camp Orange, a show on Nickelodeon. Producing an audition video was a fair bit of work and she would very much like it if you would watch the video and leave a comment.

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  1. Jossie, that's an EXCELLENT video! I can't work out how I can put a comment on the actual video? Hope you win BIG TIME.....