Monday, February 27, 2012

The long ride home

It is, apparently, going to rain for the next four days. I'll admit that part of me was hoping it would commence raining before I finished work at seven this evening so I could ask for a lift rather than ride home in the humidity. It felt like I was breathing liquid when I left the library briefly this morning.

Alas, it didn't rain so I hopped onto my bike and, after the long stretch above (into the wind), I headed up the hill you can just see in the distance below. I have to ride an extra two kilometres at the moment because they are building a roundabout at the entrance to our suburb and I have to go around the back.

After that last hill comes this steeper one.

Followed by another steep one (they feel steep even if they don't look it!)

There is another hill after that but I was feeling a bit ill at this stage, perhaps from all the stopping to take photos - it's hard work getting going up a hill! When I got home I found a text asking me to go walking at 9pm. I did it, too (Milo so loves a long walk). I rode or walked fifteen kilometres today! I'd be properly fit if I wasn't so sporadic. Can you believe that Andrew can ride 100 kilometres in a day?


  1. Well done you! It's so much harder in the humidity! Hopefully after the rain, it'll cool down a bit.....