Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pussycat in the library

Michael is doing Storytime this week and as he has a new kitten at home, he went for a cat theme.

Chickpea was not allowed out of her cage during Storytime as she was feeling a bit scratchy and, with many pre-schoolers and their parents at Storytime, we're in the business of risk management. She was, however, allowed to roam about our workroom when the Storytime sessions were over. I'll bet she sleeps well tonight. She has to do it all again on Friday.

We had book club today and were not disappointed with discussion about Jasper Jones, which was Jeannie's choice. The nine of us able to come today had a broad range of reactions to the book. Jeannie and I loved it. This next month we have received my choice - Brideshead Revisited. I have already read it (I had already read Jasper Jones) but am very keen to read it again and to hear what everyone else thinks of it. One of our brand new members declined to take a copy as he has his own and reads it every year!

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  1. Your book club sounds so good! I love both those books... Jasper Jones caused lots of talk with our book club too. I'll be interested to hear what those who haven't previously read Brideshead think! You must be persuasive to get your readers to tackle such a long book, some of our girls get put off by the size.