Monday, January 30, 2012

The beginning

We were ready on time, bags packed and there was a break in the rain, long enough to get some photos in the front garden. I worked my ten hours at the library and, as I ate my dinner, three children competed for my attention to tell me about their day. Jossie was thrilled with all her new classes and sitting with some lovely girls at lunch. Toby impressed everyone with his broken arm (he wore the pretty much unnecessary sling for effect) and Bethany loved it as she always does. Keep it up all year please!

Not a drop of rain fell in Wagga when we were pet feeding and garden watering for friends over ten days. Last night the wind blew and the rain bucketed down. It was still raining and blowing a gale when I woke up, so I reluctantly gave away the idea of riding my bike to work. I'm so glad it did because, after raining off and on all day, the sun came out in the afternoon making it unbearably humid outside. I cannot cope with humidity and would have probably lain down on the road next to my bike.

Can you see the threatening clouds in the distance? They burst all over Andrew when he went for a ride after picking me up!

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