Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas at our place

Oh goodness, how time has flown. I am still on holidays so should have posted before now! Sadly, having Christmas at our house meant that I didn't take many photos. Andrew has some good ones but I'll just go with what I have for now.

When you say eight adults and eight children, it really doesn't sound like that many. Sixteen people on the other hand, that's a lot to fit in our little house! We were all very thankful to my friend Sara for letting us house and pet mind so that we didn't all have to sleep at our house.

Christmas Day was full of food, family, mess and heat.

After such a cool December, we were a touch warm outside with humidity that we aren't used to here in Wagga. 

Phil and Kristin brought the pinata, an established tradition now. All the kids had a go, even the littlest.

Some were a little afraid of it but they were all thrilled when it spilled its stuffing just as the storm hit.

We had a storm on Boxing Day too, which brought some relief from the heat. Now, of course, we think it must have actually been quite cool as it has been 38 and 39 over the last couple of days. It was lovely to see everyone together, I wonder when that will happen again.

We spent New Year's Eve with friends, celebrating a 45th birthday as well as the new year. The kids have all had friends over and we are trying to get the house ready for sale. Andrew watched all of Downton Abbey series one with me and last night we finally finished and started the second series - so exciting! On Sunday we are off on an adventure to the coast. We have never been to Bermagui before, holidays are such fun!


  1. It was such a lovely time! We're all missing you.

    Will be interested to know what you think of season two...

  2. Amy, it was terrific and I hope we can all be together again soon!

    Good luck selling the house, and a happy new year to everyone.

  3. It was a wonderful Christmas wasn't it? And so lovely to be all together.... yes, I also wonder when that will happen again. Have a wonderful time at Bermagui - summer holidays at the beach are amongst my most treasured memories of my childhood and yours too!