Saturday, July 30, 2011


It has been a great week for sport in our house (I'll bet you didn't expect that from me). We watched the last three nights of the Tour de France, having friends over on Sunday night to eat camembert and charlotte aux cerises (cherry mousse cake from last year's Taste le Tour) and watch Cadel's ride into Paris. I have watched le Tour for years now but this is the first year I have found interest beyond the food and scenery. I finally understand how the race works and Cadel had a good year, at last! It really was very exciting. Andy Schleck played a very good baddy (arrogance delivered in a monotone) and because he had no cause to whinge and rode brilliantly, we were able to overlook Cadel's high voice and extraordinary bum forehead to go with his bum chin. If I wasn't for the fact that we were exhausted after all those late nights, we'd be very sorry it's over.

Not of global, or even national, significance, Jossie and Toby's victories this morning were very sweet for us. Toby thought they were playing a team that gave them a thorough beating last time so was expecting a tough game. They won 11 -2 and Toby got 3 or 4 of those goals (he couldn't remember how many).

Jossie's netball team has greatly improved. Jossie is rather her mother's daughter when it comes to sporting ability and her team has only won one game in the season and a half they have been playing. Today they played the team they beat last year and won 26 - 7! Unaccustomed to winning, they were very excited. I did feel bad for the other team, though, who haven't won any games.

The weather appears to be turning, ever so slightly. We have had some severe frosts in the morning but it is warming up nicely during the day. Bethany and I went for a ride this afternoon and saw, to my great delight, blossoms on two trees! The delight turned to dismay when we were swooped by a magpie. Spring in Wagga has some serious drawbacks. Swooping magpies and hayfever inducing pollen being chief among them. Long live winter!

Our book club met to discuss our third book - Jeanette Walls' The Glass Castle. I love how differently we all feel about the books. One of us absolutely loved it, some of us found it enjoyable and two of our number doubted its authenticity. Now we are reading Love in a Cold Climate and I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks of it because I love it. We have a DVD of the film and are going to watch it the week before we meet to discuss the book.

I am also reading all the Harry Potters again. I saw the movie with Liz and Ian and soaked three tissues.

Bethany received a chocolate coin maker for her birthday and was very excited to use it. In fact, she wants me to hurry up and finish posting so we can make some more.

I have also been making cards because we have a market coming up. Thankfully my evenings are free again!


  1. Was that an intentional typo - 'cause if it wasn't....

  2. I'm just finally turning country ;) It's me blog and I'll say it like I wanna.

  3. I must have missed the typo? I'll go back and check.... great sporting news from all! and I agree about the different opinions of books, it's part of the reason I love book club so much.

  4. Mum, it turns out that I couldn't actually live with it :) I put 'me' instead of 'my'.

  5. Whoa! I couldn't live with that either!

  6. I re read all the HPs last year and remembered why I loved them so much the first time. I also sobbed through HP7 pt2. It was the pensieve (sp?) that did it. Poor Snape. Poor poor Snape. I could hardly watch the 19 years later bit though. Just a bit too cringey. If that is indeed a word.