Saturday, July 16, 2011

Melbourne, Part II

So, I was in the middle of telling you about the soccer when I ran out of steam. Actually, I was waiting for some of Andrew's photos to upload and they were taking forever but they are here now. I couldn't leave this photo out of a proper account of the soccer. During half time everyone came inside to buy food and drink or just to huddle together and get warm. A very tall, slightly inebriated Celtic fan took a shine to Bethany, calling her 'Celtic Girl'. They had quite a long conversation and he was such a friendly fellow that Andrew took this photo of them.

He had the word 'Feely' printed on the back of his Celtic jersey and when we were back in our seats and I was commenting that it was so cold and wet that no-one would consider streaking (I like a bit of added excitement with my sport) Andrew said that alcohol makes you warm and I was hoping Feely might give it a go. No such luck.

Andrew took this photo of the kids on the menu at Federation Square.

Bethany and Charlotte wanted to go for a carriage ride, or at least to pat the horses.

It was very sad saying goodbye. The cousins have a lot of fun together.

Only one more day until I go back to work but the kids have another week of holidays. Their paternal grandparents are coming to play with them, the excitement goes on....

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