Sunday, July 10, 2011

Off to Melbourne

There are many wonderful things about living in Wagga (to balance it out, it was -4.7 degrees here the other morning) and one of those things is that we are half way between Sydney and Melbourne. Tomorrow morning we are hopping in the car, driving for around 5.5 hours and staying with P, K, C, H and G for a few days. I can't wait! I probably won't take my laptop, but I will be taking a new work iPad (to familiarise myself for teaching purposes you understand) so I may get the chance to post from P and K's house.

Before we have metropolitan adventures, I need to fill you in on Bethany's birthday. Jane most kindly looked after Toby and Bethany while I was at work but I left at lunch time and the afternoon was spent enjoying her presents. Mum bought her some proper, grown-up make-up and it has had a good workout every day since. I didn't take a photo of myself as a finished product, it was a little unflattering though it was a good showcase for the rainbow of colours available.

This is her first attempt at doing her own face. After yesterday's and today's efforts I would have to say that she has become bolder as she has gone on. Bethany is definitely a more is more type of girl.

Neither Joss nor Toby were particularly enamoured of the strawberry ice-cream cake which Bethany took as a personal affront until she realised it would mean she could eat it for dessert three nights running.

Bethany loves animals and wants to be a vet when she grows up. When I was in Canberra, earlier in the year, we visited the Oxfam shop and I bought this hand carved set of animals sitting around a Kenya shaped table, having drinks. Bethany loves the giraffe and Jossie the rhino.

We were in town yesterday, getting a bit of this and that, when Jossie realised that we were all wearing hoods. The kids all pulled theirs on and pretended to be gangsters. Bethany has a little toy squirrel in her hand, attempting to share her hood.

I'm sure this will go down well in Melbourne.

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  1. Have fun in Melbourne! I'm sure they'll watch Le Tour....? I know I'm hooked....