Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Jocelyn May

 I know I don't seem nearly old enough to have a twelve year old daughter but there you go ;) Such an interesting, in between age, she is very excited to be growing up. She has had a great day, even if she did spend the evening crying (she and Andrew went to see Harry Potter). Happy birthday lovely girl!

We had a great time in Melbourne with P, K, C, H and G. Despite the fact that P and K have lived there for a few years and we are only five and a half hours away, we have hardy spent any time in Melbourne. This was our longest visit yet and it still seemed very short. Of course, as babies change so very quickly, we loved spending time with the twins - they are so sweet and funny!

On Tuesday, while P and K were at work, we walked to the train station and caught the train into the city. It was only a fifteen minute walk but we discovered that our kids are a bit soft! We need to go on some long walks to toughen them up.

Hot chocolate makes everything better, especially the Lindt Café's hot chocolates made with proper chocolate.

We wandered around town, had some lunch (Toby now loves sushi which is a bit unfortunate as there isn't much of it in Wagga) before walking over to Federation Square. The kids were pretty impressed to find themselves on the big screen.

We were there to see The Art of the Brick, a Lego exhibition. I confess, I would never have thought of Lego as an artist's material of choice.

Toby continues in his passion for planking and Andrew was pretty pleased with this photo!

The cousins enjoy spending time together - there are only three weeks between Bethany and Charlotte but a significant height difference!

Synchronised cousin planking followed the Lego.

And was rewarded with doughnuts.

Wednesday didn't quite turn out as planned when our car refused to start. the NRMA came to the rescue and we are so thrilled with them as they completely took care of what could have been a very stressful situation. They organised for our car to be towed all the way back to Wagga to our own mechanic, and gave us a hire car. They would also have paid for accommodation had we needed it. Thanks NRMA!

The main reason we chose to go to Melbourne at this particular time was, of course, the soccer match between Celtic and the Melbourne Victory. Scottish football teams don't play in Australia very often so fans came from all over the see Celtic play and the atmosphere was great.

I'm very thankful for that atmosphere because it was very cold and wet! We had great seats in the sense that we were very close and in the middle but we were in the open and it rained a fair bit.

Bethany's spirits were not dampened. She enjoyed the game (mind you, she was playing Plants vs Zombies on Andrew's phone when Celtic scored), the fish and chips, the singing and the crowds.

Toby was very nervous as Celtic lost when they played in Sydney. I really wasn't keen on the tears that would follow a loss either so we were all thrilled when Celtic won.

I have more photos and was planning on staying up until the end of le Tour tonight but, I am most put out to realise, I am coming down with a cold and ought to go to bed. Part two to follow. Bonne nuit!


  1. Great post - lovely pics.... looking forward to Part Two! Enjoyed le Tour last night as we know that area - it's not far from Al!

  2. Was lovely to see you all. I have just realised that I am possibly the rudest sister in law ever as I never properly said thank you to you all for taking Charlotte with you on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thank you - we did really appreciate it.

    Glad to hear that Joss had a lovely day. Hope the car is fixed soon too. Also hope that the cold isn't from me... I'm going to blame Toby! Hope you are both feeling better.

  3. Kristin - somewhat astoundingly it took our mechanic about 5mins to get the car going again! I asked them to service it (now done) and it's as good as new... unbelievable!

  4. Seriously?! Wow. Make sure you tell Carl!

  5. I'll give him a call alright, but will have to think about how to word it as to not make him feel a little incompetent.