Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Get Reading!

It really was an extraordinary day. Whenever I go to the State Library I have to get up very early to be at the airport at six and come back again around 8, so I am used to the odd early start for work. I don't usually ride my bike at ten past six in the morning, though. It was a glorious morning, crisp and clear, thankfully not too cold as there was no hot water to be had in the shower. So, by 7am, I was well and truly awake and ready to go.

The event co-ordinator (and fashionable girl-about-town) arrived and we met up with two of council's outdoor staff who unloaded the fabulous furniture. Knowing that the promised rain was bound to arrive, we set up the majority of the Outdoor Reading Room indoors. As the event was supposed to start before the library would normally open, we had to bring in a rent-a-crowd of library staff.

ABC Radio arrived to broadcast from the library and I had a chat with them on the radio before Judy Nunn arrived. Judy is one of the ambassadors of Get Reading! and a very popular author and actress as well as a lovely lady. She told me that she came to Wagga in 1972 and played at the Civic Theatre in Don's Party. I was very pleased with myself for not blurting out that I was born in 1972. I also kept quiet about the fact that I haven't actually read any of her books. I really must do that....

The pods were a big hit with everyone. Kristy really needs one of these in her lounge room.

I'd quite like one too. It's like being inside a seashell, something odd happens to sound.

This is the best photo we have of us with Judy Nunn (and Steven the publicist). I do hope she comes again.

The rest of the event was a little less exciting. We fetched around 30 coffees from the café upstairs, chatted with people about the books and sat in the pods to do some reading ourselves. It's on again today and I really hope we can get lots of people along and encourage them to get reading as I can't think of a better thing to do.


  1. Neither can I! I wish I could have come.... haven't read any Judy Nunn either, and not sure if I want to.

  2. THose pods do look awesome! Now I want one!

    It's a lovely picture of you in the pod by the way...

  3. Hmmm... so part of your job is to sit and read books? sweeet.
    I have an idea for the 'Get Reading!' committee, have a stage set up in town and have a good reader (perhaps even the author) read out a book over a loud speaker so people who don't normally read can hear how good the book might be...