Sunday, March 7, 2010

Let it rain

What a shock to our system. Real, soaking, sustained rain - such as we haven't had for years.

This afternoon I went to a surprise high tea for Bronwyn's 40th. Sadly, DIY high teas are the only ones we get in Wagga. I was not called on to make anything but I did lend my tiered willow plate.

What I am eating - Lemon ricotta biscuits.
What I am reading - Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks
What I am watching - Vanity Fair, the BBC production, not the rather sad film with Reese Witherspoon. The BBC version is fantastic. It is funny, the music, not something I usually notice, so perfect, and it is great to see Philip Glenister play a kind, tender and loving man, so unlike Gene Hunt. Now I'm ready to watch season two of Ashes to Ashes.


  1. It will be so good for Wagga and surrounds to have some good, soaking rain - we've had some too, so it's lovely and green here still - though a bit sick of mowing - 40 acres take a long time! If you're eating ricotta, I've got a recipe for making your own if you want it....

  2. We've had a bit here too - thankfully we've not been affected by the storms. Your grass looks a lot greener than ours though!

  3. So much rain! There was a leak right above my shoulder at 5am this morning. No idea how muh we got because our gauge overflowed!

  4. Good times. If ever there were a weather pattern designed particularly for the librarian, surely driving rain has to be it! Once books are obtained (surely not from a store when a library will do fine....) it's all about finding a spot where you can see, smell & hear the drops, hope for a little cool wind & drift into that wonderful world of imagination!

  5. Ooh we have that china pattern too! It really goes well with red or white food I find :D