Friday, March 19, 2010

Crazy Hair Day

Bethany's class is, of course, learning the alphabet. They are learning H at the moment and celebrated with crazy hair and hat day.

Bethany woke up super excited because we have a can of hair spray.

Mim gave it to us after she went to the Book Week parade as Anne of Green Gables.

We received four party invitations for this weekend, three of the parties being held on Saturday morning. The madness began this evening when I drove Jossie to a party at five, went home for a little bit to wash Bethany's hair....twice, drove Toby to Kids' Club at six, went home for a little bit, picked Jossie up from the party at seven and took her to Kids' Club and then, in lieu of going home for another little bit, went for an affogato with Narelle before picking up Joss and Tobes at eight and taking them home.

Jossie had her face painted at the party and then had her make-up and hair done at Kids' Club where they had secret men's business (involving fire and sport) and girls' stuff.

Tomorrow we're off to Jack's party - the winner of the three options. There's going to be a jumping castle and everything.


  1. I love kids when their super excited face starts looking a little mean... :P

  2. Aww I so wanted to do this when I was little but was never allowed (plus most colours don't really show up on black hair). She looks adorable! :)