Thursday, November 19, 2009

What I like about summer

I'm not a summer person. I usually spend the hotter months pointing out what a great penal colony Australia made, moaning and wishing to move to Scotland. Complaining isn't very nice so I'm going to be positive. I really like that I can do the washing at night, hang it out in the dark and get it off in the morning. Drying washing is no trouble. I like getting out of bed and not needing to rug up. I like nectarines, grapes, peaches, rockmelon, cherries and mangoes. I like air-conditioning, especially at the library. Other than that.....

I worked on Saturday and look what I found on the road. He was walking along on the road and I thought he might get run over so I hopped off my bike and as I approached he hid in his shell. I picked him up to move him and water poured out of his shell. I do hope he wasn't saving that water to drink...

I have, in the past, given a photographic tour of the library but didn't include the non-public areas. When I tell people that I don't have many desk shifts they are surprised.

What do library staff do other than lend books? All permanent staff members have desks and have work to do when they aren't lending books or helping people on computers.

These are some of our book club tubs. Designing and implementing programmes such as the RRL Book Club is what my team does. Programmes for pre-school children, school kids, youth , adults and the aged. There are newspaper articles to write, wikis to update, these days we tweet and Facebook. Summer reading clubs for kids, youth and adults. Author talks, launches and other events to organise, teaching Internet classes and helping people choose which books to read next. We do keep busy.

Our work are is on the lower ground floor and has only one window that lets in natural light - not from outside but from the rest of the library which has external walls of glass. Sometimes we see teenagers getting rather amorous under the stairs.

Lunch table to the right, my desk, and bike, on the left.

This is the view from the door back into the library. That red couch is a lovely spot to sit and read. I rather wish I was there now as it is 43 degrees today (109.4F). At least my washing is getting dry.......

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  1. I admit I love summer but towards the end I'm wishing for a bit of coolness after the oppressive heat! Aww poor little turtle, good on you for helping him! :)