Sunday, November 8, 2009

Can't blog, must mark.

But I have photos.... I'll keep marking in a minute. On Friday I went to lunch with my friend Sara. She teaches at TAFE so we went to the TAFE restaurant. I was so hungry that I forgot to take photos of our mains - Sara had pork with an apple and fennel salad and I had chicken on a pumpkin and baby spinach salad. The food is cooked by students and the waiters and drinks staff are all students. Sara made them a bit nervous! For dessert we shared a trifle tart with creme patisserie (!) I did manage to bite my tongue and not tell the students that I am the spelling police because no-one likes a smarty-pants. Despite the fact that it was made out of a French bakery it was most delicious.

We also went halves on the panna cotta which was also lovely even if the students bought tinned pineapple when they were meant to get fresh.

On Saturday Bethany had a party to go to and we all, except for Andrew who stayed home painting the bathroom, went too. It was a fairy party.

I think these little cappuccino biscuits are very sweet (don't worry Sue, I didn't eat one, though cake is the real enemy of the moment, not dark chocolate which is very good for you).

The weather was just right and I really like the way the green and shady garden looks out on a parched, yellow paddock. Don't get me started on the flies though. Have they become super bold and immune to Aerogard?

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  1. How gorgeous is that marshmallow cup! A friend's sister showed me some she had made and I thought they were ingenious but I love the chocolate freckle on top of yours!