Monday, November 2, 2009

Vegetarian Bacon

I am of the opinion that everyone loves bacon. I think even vegetarians secretly love bacon, how could they not? I am thrilled, however, that there is a something that non-pig-eaters can enjoy and not feel as though they are missing out on salty goodness. Nigella calls haloumi vegetarian bacon and that is such an apt description. It also has the advantage of being quicker to cook, and less messy. The rest of the family were having baked beans (or deans as Bethany calls them) and cheese toasted sandwiches for lunch yesterday but I didn't want any bread, so, while their sandwiches were in the machine, I made myself this.

It was quicker to make than the sandwiches, much better for me and absolutely delicious. I get the idea from a Donna Hay recipe for lentils with haloumi and roma tomatoes. All I did was put the haloumi and tomatoes in the frypan with a little oil, for 2 minutes a side, and served it on baby spinach and capsicum. The juice from the tomatoes was enough dressing for me but you could add a little extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice if you like.

I also made the pink fairy cake for a young friend's birthday party. It was supposed to have a rainbow on it as well as the fairies but after visiting two supermarkets (and therefore two carparks) on a busy Saturday morning, without locating the coloured sugar, I had to simplify. It is the sort of cake I have no trouble cooking but not eating - vanilla cake and plain buttercream icing no longer do anything for me at all!

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