Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Melbourne Cup Madness

Oh, it has been SO hot in Wagga.....and it's only the beginning of November! The kids have been frolicking under the sprinklers.

Proper air-conditioning has enabled me to have the oven on and not perish. I made roast veggies and halloumi (I'm such a phase girl) to take to work for lunch.

Kristy brought hats in and we flew the festive flag all day.

Others just joined in during the race.

I love the library's new TV.

It drew a decent crowd. In the library sweeps Andrew won and Toby came last. He was most unimpressed and wanted to know how many horses raced so that he could say he came a number, rather than last. He felt much better about it when I gave him the dollar he won to spend at the canteen tomorrow.

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