Friday, October 9, 2015

A night out

It's Friday, late afternoon. Work is over for the week, the weather is warm and things are looking sunny.

I am escaping to Melbourne this weekend, with a friend, to see the David Bowie exhibition. I'll also get to stay with my brother and his family, so I am really looking forward to it. We aren't leaving until 4 tomorrow afternoon, so I have time to get organised. Win, win!

Last night my once colleague, now looong distance friend, Kristy, was in town. A bunch of us met at the Birdhouse, which is a kind of hipsterish bar, which has no food. We were going to go to a restaurant afterwards, but were rather settled, so ordered burgers and pizzas from the cafe next door. I didn't actually get to catch up with Kristy, you know how these gatherings go; pretty noisy and you mostly chat with the people right next to you, but it was fun, and I can recommend the lamb burger, sans bun.

As you can see, I really captured that fun in my photo. You can also see that the Birdhouse is not really set up for food. Where would you put a plate?!

That is Kristy's arm, though, so I'm saying I took a photo of her.


  1. A glass of something nice is always a good idea to start the weekend! Hope Melbourne is great... the coffee is always reliable even if the exhibition isn't...