Tuesday, May 19, 2015


It's like SBS conspires to make sure we don't get enough sleep. Andrew and Joss have watched a fair bit of the Giro (cycling tour in Italy) but I have mainly just caught up with the highlights. On Wednesday night, however, I realised just how like Le Tour it is, only with new, beautiful, Italian scenery.

In the end, I took the middle road. I didn't get up at 5am after staying up late for the cycling, I recorded the first semi-final of Eurovision and we watched it last night. Not the hardcore option that took advantage of our one chance to vote for real, but not the soft option of waiting until Friday night.

The first semi was awesome, by the way. Already, passions are running hot in our household as we disagreed with who went through (our fault as we did not vote ourselves!).

So far, no one has sported crimped hair. It turns out that while she enjoys the plaits, Bethany isn't a fan of the crimped look either. I don't think I'll spend another hour doing that.


  1. SBS is the best! Didn't catch Eurovision - waiting for Fri/Sat and then realised :(, I've got friends over for dinner on Saturday! and not the sort of friends who will happily watch TV with me! Will have to tape... Beth's hair looks cute, though I'm not a huge fan of the crimp either....

  2. Bethy might not like it but I do! Waiting for Le Tour to have late nights! Have friends here for Sat night so will miss the final "Live"! Bugger!