Monday, May 25, 2015


By Tony Curran

I think it a really lovely thing. Not just the portrait, but the fact that we, as a town, could do this; sit in front of an artist and have this experience, in our town. So cool, thanks Tony Curran!

Speaking of fine art and culture, we are so not over Eurovision yet. Some of us watched it live, then watched the replay, then watched our recordings. Andrew just downloaded the album and Joss recorded some footage of Bethany and me, singing and dancing to our favourites. Thankfully, the video only caught Joss singing, and no music, so she won't be tempted to post it anywhere.

Guy Sebastian did such a great job, his song was awesome and he was the best singer there. To be in the top five is an extraordinary achievement and I don't know if the joy of the experience can be repeated.

I am a wee bit tired, though. Thankfully, there is a gap to enable recovery before late nights watching some blokes cycle through France.


  1. LOVE the portrait! So you! Yes, got to love this time of year for all the wonderful singing and then sporting events! Positively tiring...

  2. Sounds like "Waggavision" was worth watching too! Can't wait for Le Tour! How did the wekend end up for Joss?