Sunday, July 6, 2014

Le Tour

It's after nine and I am sitting with my tea in a quiet house. Bethany is at a friend's , so she missed out, but the remaining four of us stayed up and watched the whole first stage of Le Tour De France. Toby fell asleep when the riders were just ten kilometers from the end, but we were all wide awake for the dramatic finish! I won't bore you or Facebook with the details, but it was so exciting, and seeing English countryside was fabulous.

I'm not sure how many stages we'll stay up for, I have to get up at six on weekdays, and I couldn't get straight to sleep after the excitement (there was a crash).

It's another rainy weekend, yesterday's four loads of washing are drying inside. I made a (low fructose) carrot cake, sourdough garlic rolls and a big, gorgeous loaf of regular sourdough. The beloved new Webber was in action again as Andrew made us a succulent roast lamb. There was no sport, so we just ate!  
I am going to do the last ever Muddi Boutique Markets next Sunday, so I also spent time on cards. A lovely, rainy, holiday.

Toby is up now, but no-one else. We might be late for church.......

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  1. Glad you could all enjoy it! Did you buy a gas or wood fired Webber? Send some of your rain up here please. Love Dad.