Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ten years old

We're all in double digits now! Bethany has been counting down for over a month, so very keen to turn ten. Many of her friends' parents let them have their ears pierced years ago, and while she was a little nervous, she was looking forward to her big day very much.

Bethany is all emotion, she experiences life deeply , at full tilt. Watching her open presents is such a joy, she is thrilled with plain hair elastics and in raptures over more exciting presents. She was up early, too excited to sleep in and the others surfaced for presents and then went back to bed. Early mornings are hard for fans of Le Tour.

Mid morning Andrew brought Bethany into my work and we walked over to get her ears done. She was a bit shaky beforehand, but found it virtually painless. She chose little 'emerald' studs and asked if they were real emeralds, perhaps because she did receive real rose gold studs like Mama's and Mum's.

Her dinner of choice was lasagne and the lamington ten from the original Women's Weekly birthday cake book. What a mess I made while decorating this cake! Thankfully, they all loved it.

Now to organise a party......


  1. Awww she sounds like such a darling thing. I loved reading this. Your Mummy-heart made me smile. Happy birthday to your Bethany. :)

  2. Yes she does live life to the max. We had a lovely chat, she wants to tell ALL the news, I just love her for it. I know she had a wonderful day... lovely cake too, just wish we could have been there, :(

  3. A BIG day! So nice to chat with an "adult" on the phone and get all her news. Glad she enjoyed the day. A very special little girl. Love Dad, Bop.