Thursday, June 26, 2014


It's now officially holidays for all three children. I have some teachers in my Bible study, and they didn't seem to find it a short term, like I did. They were definitely limping to the finish line. I wouldn't be a teacher for quids - the people you work with have such power over how you enjoy your work, power that children and teenagers cannot be trusted with - but I come close to envying them when I think of how my four weeks annual leave is totally dwarfed by the number of weeks my children have off (but then I remember all the work teachers have to do in the holidays). It is hard to work out what to do with kids when you are at work and they are not.

Bethany started doing speech and drama this term. Her whole life is speech and drama, so we may as well go with it! On Thursday night, her teacher brought all of her primary school students together for a night of theatre sports. It wasn't exactly Whose Line is it Anyway, but it was a lot of fun. Bethany came away with a new experience and a sleepover planned for the holidays.

Soccer was still on yesterday and the rain stayed away until it had finished. Toby played well in his two games and the parents of Bethany's team had plenty of excitement. The team gets, well, soundly defeated each week. They have scored two goals across the whole season, but they really are getting so much better. Our excitement comes whenever our goalie makes a save, and, in the last two weeks, we have had three goal chances, two of them Bethany's, and we went wild! If Bethany ever does get a goal, sorry, WHEN she gets a goal, I really cannot imagine how our celebrations will be contained.

Rainy Saturday afternoons are perfect for papercraft with friends . We made a burlap and blooms wreath and I like it very much. Now I am off to put my thyme and parmesan sourdough in the oven.

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