Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yellow Submarine

It's the weekend again, I'm so glad, and though I have books to read, I really can't ignore the blog any longer. 

I drove to Holbrook this week, to move a display from their library to Coolamon's , and was lucky enough to catch the submarine, which lives there permanently, in its yarnbombed state. Goodness, that's a lot of knitting.

Bethany has one full week of school left before three weeks off and Joss and Tobes have three days of Activities Week , which is not very schoolish, and then the following two weeks off. Toby is bowling, trampolining and going to the movies, Joss is playing games in French and making quiche at the Artisan Baker's. She doesn't like quiche, but we have decided to go, Joss and I, on the school trip to France next year (gulp, start serious saving now) and so she is putting in an effort. 

Bethany's birthday is in the holidays and my youngest will be ten years old. She likes to do just what I do on Saturday mornings; read and drink tea. I don't have my onesie on, though.

Joss also has a birthday coming up and she is going to get her nose pierced. I think I was sixteen when I got my ears pierced, though I wasn't allowed to until I was eighteen, I just did it after school one day. We weren't allowed to wear earrings at school so everyone wore bandaids over them. Oh yes, I'm sure that fooled everyone and looked awesome. A subtle stud in the nose can be very attractive as long as it isn't infected, or the wearer has a cold, and doesn't cause paralysis like an eyebrow or damage to the teeth like a tongue piercing. 

Back to my books, now, before I take Bethany to soccer. It's not raining this week, I won't need to wear my gumboots!


  1. So lovely to have a blog...

    Not sure about the nose piercing, and in my memory, I think you were 14 when off you went and got your ears pierced, what can you do when it's done? I hope Jossie has a lovely (what do you call what you put in your nose?)

    France! Wow! I wonder where the school will take you all, it'll be worth every cent.

  2. Onsie, twosie, threesie and Bethy is looking very relaxed, and warm. Do you have an itinerary for France?