Monday, February 18, 2013


When I had my last day at the library, it was just before Christmas and not at all a good time to organise a farewell dinner. Last Saturday night, some of my colleagues and I (they are still my colleagues, though we don't work in the same building) went to the Magpie's Nest for dinner. The Magpie's Nest is my favourite restaurant in Wagga and you can see it from our new house! In fact, a few of us met at the house beforehand for a little tour.

Of course, I took no photos of the delicious dinner, or the rest of the people, but snapped a few on the way out. Here are Jeannie and Kristy. They are also in my book club.

The restaurant is on a hill with an olive grove and vineyard and the building is beautiful. The sky was brilliant at sunset.

It was a lovely setting for fun with my old work friends, I do miss seeing them every day.

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