Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Joss has just started hip hop dancing classes, Toby is in the Wagga Cycling Club and Bethany does dancing at school. I suppose Andrew is kind of in a parents' cycling club and he, Shep and Monique go riding together. It seems that everyone's into very physical sort of clubs, but I like to exercise alone, except for walking, when I like Milo and/or Jane. I do belong to two clubs that I absolutely love, though. Book club and Club Celluloid.

Last week my book club met to talk about The Great Gatsby (to varying degrees, we all liked it - that's pretty rare!) and we had a little photo shoot because it's very hard to find an image that conveys all that a book club is. There are lots of images of people reading, but they make it seem a solitary things, or when there are groups of people, they are uni students, studying. We're making a new brochure and decided to get our own image, so, we had a little mock picnic. The jollity was not mock.

I spent a long time at the end of last year asking people on facebook and in person, what they would like to watch if we had a movie club. Then I had to choose films I could get screening rights for and organise the dates so as to get the rights. I had a logo designed and did some advertising and then I left the library for my new job.

Last Thursday night was the first meeting of Club Celluloid, and it was super. There were 26 people there, we watched Stranger Than Fiction, drank wine, ate antipasto and chatted about the film. Almost everyone enjoyed the movie and the discussion was significant, even though we had never met together before and weren't sure how the discussion part would work. Next month we watch Blue Velvet - I have never seen it so am looking forward to that. The clubs are all about so much more than just the bikes, the books or the films. It's the connections, the relationships that make them so good and so important. I love my clubs!


  1. Love the sound of the movie night! Would you consider foreign films? Some people don't like reading subtitles, but there are some really great ones out there...

  2. I'd love to hear your thoughts on "Stranger than Fiction." It's one of my top 5 favourite movie.
    If I ever get on with my plan to start blogging regularly again, I might have to do a movie review myself!

  3. We went to ADFAS last night, all about Jane Austen - another club you could consider, if you had the time I'm sure you would enjoy it.