Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blue sky

Oops, it has been a few days since I was here. I have had people over for stamping, have been to Deniliquin for a meeting (three hour drive each way), Toby has had extra cycling training and last night, Joss looked after Toby and Bethany while Andrew and I went out for dinner with the band he plays in, the Groove Factorie, and their wives. We went to The Oak Room and it was fabulous. It's definitely somewhere to go with visitors.

Not a  great picture, but this was my barramundi with gnocchi, olives, spinach and roasted capsicum pesto
Toby and Andrew ride and I run, so Bethany, Joss, Milo and I went walking this afternoon so that we can be a fit(tish) family.

We went up to the house today and were able to go in because a fellow was in there cutting door frames. There were cool things inside, but I really loved the sky.

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