Friday, July 13, 2018

Honfleur et Bayeux

I have been wondering about the endless energy small children have. You know, when they just seem to run and run, when all you want to do is rest. I have been thinking that it must disappear before the teenage years, but I think it is more the case that energy is ruled by motivation, whatever the age. People say they have no time to garden, or read, or play sport, when really, they just don't wish to do those things with their time. I have the energy to keep sight-seeing; I want to go to more places, see more things. The kids are tired, but if climbing a mountain was an option, Toby would be up early, and would go all day. The key to a family holiday like this, I think, is to prioritise the things you most wish to see, and, when possible, split up to achieve what everyone wants.

We had a quiet day in Honfleur yesterday, leaving the car alone. Andrew, Beth and I went to the markets just around the corner, and had the best time buying things with my terrible French. The fruit and vegetables were beautiful, so we got some apricots and blueberries, as well as cider, eggs, and crepes.

After the markets, Joss, Toby, Andrew and I went on a walk up the hill to an old chapel.

Expansive views were had from two locations, and then we weaved our way back down the hill.

Honfleur is so very old, and charming. It isn't much fun to drive a huge van down these narrow, cobbled streets, but Andrew has pulled it off twice!

The harbour is just around the corner, lined with restaurant tables under umbrellas.

We spent the afternoon watching le Tour de France, and the evening watching the World Cup - with more walking in between.

This morning we wandered down to the beach where the van is parked. Toby cleared the fountain jets easily, though he wasn't so lucky on the way home, when he attempted a higher jet of water.

We drove to Bayeux to see the tapestry, almost one thousand years old, now. I was worried the kids would be bored, but they kept it to themselves, if they were! The story it tells is quite fascinating, and you listen to it, read by someone who sounds like Derek Jacobi, as you shuffle along the 70 meters of tapestry in a darkened room.

The cathedral in Bayeux is beautiful, inside and out. Toby was most put out that we couldn't climb to the top.

The harbour is lovely this evening, and we are hoping to get down to the beach, seeing as there is no football on!

Tomorrow we leave Honfleur, and will attempt to see the Tour. The plan is to be on the side of the road around 11 or 12 kilometers from the end. We'll see how easy that is to manage....


  1. I’m so pleased you saw the tapestry and the beautiful cathedral... Bayeux is such a lovely place with the stream running through it. My advice re seeing the Tour would be to try to get you where you want to go early, as they shut the road quite some time before the cyclists come through for the “caravan” which lasts ages! Lots of free stuff tossed at you, it’s huge fun... hope you make it.

  2. Glad you liked Honfleu and the tapestry. I snuck a photo of it when we were there! Amazing! Good luck witht le tour!