Thursday, May 12, 2016

It's here

Summer went on and on. I can appreciate it now, there are advantages to warm weather, but it did seem as though autumn and winter might never come. On the weekend the rain started, and yesterday was cold enough for us to turn on the heater! It's May and the heater has only just gone on! We weren't being stoic; weren't toughing it out. I have friends in Albury who are competing to be the last to turn their heater on this year. Why?! I love winter, I really do. I love cold weather but I don't actually wish to feel cold.
Come on leaves, turn red!
As excited as I am about the weather, what we have really been waiting for is Eurovision. We aren't being tragic about it; none of us got up at 5am yesterday. Largely, that is because, early as it is, it isn't really early enough. I start my day at 5.45, so I don't really have time to be watching a couple of hours of exciting television before work. We did record it, though, and have already watched the first semi final. 

We'll record tomorrow's second semi (go Dami!) and watch it tomorrow night. Sunday morning will see the three girls up, wrapped in doonas, drinking tea and trying not to wake up the boys. Don't worry, the boys will watch it later on in the day, they do care. I may be a little bit smug at church with those who will be waiting until Sunday night.

I love this time of year!


  1. Me too! We lit the fire, not because it's cold yet but just because we love it - sat here in bare feet and T-shirts! Luckily it's getting cooler by the day... and yes, there is much to look forward to, Eurovision, French Open, Le Tour and then Wimbledon.... just as well we like sitting by the fire....

  2. Weird weather, colour is coming, let's hopw winetr is not far behind!