Sunday, May 8, 2016

Back in business

It was my birthday last week, a lovely day with family of the regular and church variety. One big surprise was a new MacBook Air, which after several years without a computer of my own at home, is very nice indeed. Now, to polish of my old blogging habit.....

A few weeks ago we piled into the car and drove for seven and a half hours to Coonamble for the weekend. I spent a week or so of every school holidays of my life there, visiting my Dad and everyone on that side of my family. When Dad and Anny moved to Queensland, once I was almost an adult, I went a few times, taking friends, and then I didn't.

I think a combination of irresponsible early adulthood, those years of having babies and small children when you wish neither to travel nor to impose your chaos on others, and simply the stealthy passing of time meant that I only returned to Coonamble for my grandparents' funerals, the last thirteen years ago.

I had the most wonderful time going back for my cousin Edward's wedding. We stayed at Mayfield, an old house on one of my uncle and aunt's properties. Tim and his family were there, too, and it was noisy, sweet fun. All of the seven kids slept on, or just off, the verandah, and being virtually outside meant that they slept beautifully! Tim's twins slept way longer than usual, and all the kids got on so well.

Charlie and Marty went above and beyond, not just making so many beds, but also having us all for dinner on the Friday night, and filling the fridge and pantry with delicious things. What thrilled me most, though, was how wonderful it was to see them all again, to remember why I loved them and to feel part of the family. It was also great to see my cousins all grown up; married and with small children, and to meet their spouses. I always felt a bit on the outside with all of my cousins, because I am the oldest by a long shot, but we're all just adults now.

Just the boys

16 year old girls are not into climbing hay bales.

The wedding was held in my aunt and uncle's garden, which was magical once the sun went down. I do so love fairy lights and lanterns! The bride was beautiful, the groomsmen arrived in noisy utes and wore Akubras, and Tim did a brilliant job taking the wedding.

Dad came down from Cairns (it is a three day drive), and we loved seeing him. It was a great event,  delicious food, plentiful drink, gorgeous surrounds, but for me it was all about seeing my relatives, including Joyce, who was my Mum's best friend at school and the (indirect) reason why I exist and have family in Coonamble!

Dad, Maurny, Tim and me
There was a photo there I had never seen before of my Nanna and Joe Joe on their wedding day; I shed a little tear over that, and all the memories of my childhood in Coonamble. I won't let another thirteen years go by before I return.

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  1. What a lovely read Amy - I'm so pleased you all had such a wonderful time, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall! Love the pics too...