Saturday, April 18, 2015

Term Two

In term two, I stopped blogging, but here I am again. This morning, I really love where Joss and Toby go to school. Joss is off on an excursion this morning and it took me, quite literally, eight minutes to get in the car, drive her to school, make sure her phone was packed, give her a big hug and kiss (did you lipstick me? Hello, I don't wear lipstick before 6am! Actually, I do if I am going to the airport to catch a plane, but certainly not for a school drop off) and drive home. So now it still isn't 6 o'clock yet and I am dressed, lunches are done and the dishwasher is unpacked. Time to read! After I catch up on the blog.....

These are the photos I have had ready to go for weeks.

After we got back from Mum and Dad's we had a week of leaving for work before the kids awoke. I do love a quiet morning that involves no school lunches, hair brushing or dashing for the bus.

Soccer is in full swing, and I have decided that gumboots are the way to go. I deliberately walked through puddles on the soccer field in these babies. Bethany is living her new team and is actually winning games, which makes a nice change. She even won the award last week, she played so well.

These are the pear trees in front of our house. They are the same sort of tree. I have no idea why one is flaming and the other resisting Autumn, which has well and truly come. We have had rain, the heating has been on and sandals have been put away. I love it!


  1. Your computer thinks you posted this on Saturday, April 18! But, whenever you did, it's nice to see... here, autumn is almost over and we are in cold, windy, winter... which I love - a good time to light the fire, make a cup of tea (or glass of wine) get a book and sit and read....

  2. Glad Bethy is having some good footy and got an award! Big difference if you're winning and enjoying the game. We skipped Autumn here (or it feels like it) and into Winter and fires and comfort food.