Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Post conference fun

We left Leura after lunch on Monday and headed down the mountains, surprised by the lack of traffic. We spent the night at Nan and Grandad's in Wahroonga, before splitting up for a day of Sydney fun. Andrew, Toby, cousin Jordy and Bethany went to the Easter Show, Joss went shopping in the city with cousin Alannah and I had a day to myself.

I started with a nostalgic wander around Wahroonga, where I grew up. The photo above is of a street where my best friend from primary school lived. There is a very steep hill down which we used to ride our bikes, and one day I fell off and scraped my face very badly and knocked a couple of teeth back. Fun memories.

I had coffee with my friend Shane who had her first baby at the same time I did and we used to go to Easter Convention together. We had a lovely coffee in Wahroonga village, so different to when I grew up there. It is like every second shop is a cafe, I am not exaggerating. I wonder how there can be so many coffee drinkers! It might have something to do with the fact that the house I grew up in has been replaced with four large townhouses, and the house next door with many fancy units. High density living, how glad I am to live in the country.

After our Sydney days we came up to the Hunter to see Mum and Dad. The weather has been lovely, we have relaxed and enjoyed the company and the vineyard. 

Yesterday, we drove down to the coast to spend time with Tim and the family. We went to Avoca for fish and chips, and had birthday cake for a nearly six year old niece!

Toby has had a nasty cold, yesterday's adventures (probably not helped by four hours in the car) did not agree with Bethany, but it has all been worth it.

Tomorrow, eight hours in the car and we will be home to our wooly dog and the washing. Bring on tomorrow night!


  1. Great to see you all, safe trip home and back to work!

  2. They were lovely days, the ones you spent here, we so enjoyed having you all.