Tuesday, January 13, 2015


It was Toby's birthday yesterday, he is thirteen. Yes, we have two teenagers in the house. So far, so good.

We are enjoying all of our usual activities at Bermagui. Toby and Bethany are loving the beach. We have been to Tilba, eaten pizza and played games.

Our beach tent is a lovely place to mind our things, keep out of the sun, read and watch. People watching at the beach is fascinating.

After dinner last night we walked down to the blue pool. We climbed rocks as it began to rain. 

Here's Toby pondering life now that he is a teenager.

Today we are at Magic Mountain. For the third year running, Andrew has left before us and ridden the hilly coast road until we catch up, and this year, Joss went with him. We could never have imagined last year, that Joss would ride 47k with some long, steep hills, but she did it. We are calling her Blue Lightning, because of her brilliant blue hair, which we dyed again yesterday. I'll try and get a photo for the blog!


  1. It sounds perfectly idyllic, as beach holidays usually are, regardless of weather... time to do (or not do) things you most enjoy....

  2. memories of our holidays come flooding back - so glad you all have a chance to enjoy time together at such a lovely place. You must have had some Tilba cheese!!