Sunday, January 18, 2015

The blues

We're going home today. I am sitting in the quiet of a sleeping house, but soon we'll all be up and packing. We have had a wonderful time, relaxing and fun, but I am looking forward to seeing Milo, having wi-fi and not being sandy.

I had almost forgotten that I used to dye my hair. Now that I wear it very short, I don't like to pay to dye it, I get completely new hair every few months, but I used to have fun with colour. In year 9 I had streaks - the fabulous rubber cap with holes for the hairdresser to yank your hair through with a hook. I had hennas, dyed it a greenish brown and deeply unflattering black. All while at school. While at uni, I almost lived at the hairdresser and sometimes got three colours at once. I never did try blue.

At Tilba we visited the cheese factory. They have a glass wall from the shop, to view the factory floor. As we watched them bottle milk, one worker saw Joss and alerted all the others, so we were no longer viewing, but viewed. Joss is getting quite used to the attention and we are putting off thinking about how we are going to get rid of it before school goes back.....


  1. You may have forgotten dying your hair... but I hadn't! Nor the extreme ;) styles.... teenagers! Getting rid of the blue will be fun....

  2. I had a crack at blue. The only problem with it was that is faded to grey. I think I also went green & white-blonde!
    Sorry that the holidays have come to an end. First day back today for me too!